White 2015 nail designs

White 2015 nail designs

1. White and gold nail designs.

While the most common form of acrylic nail design is to use one type of glitter on a baser color., this one design is sure to blow everyone’s mind. The reason for that is that the glitter being multicolored. stands out against the black background.

Gold studs keep this look fresh and unique. Just imagine how many pretty dresses you will get to wear with this lovely spring mani!

White 2015 nail designs

2. Black and white nail designs 2015.

In the modern fashion world, pink and white are a popular color combination, especially for nail. designs. This mixing gives a kind of elegant and luxurious impression and also looks quite natural on almost everyone with unique designs.

White 2015 nail designs

3. White nail designs 2015.

Pretty in pink, with a funky pattern for a more unconventional. look.

White 2015 nail designs

4. Nail designs 2015 white tips.

Negative space manicures aren’t new to nail art enthusiasts but it seems like they’ve finally made their big entrance into the fashion. world. At the recent new york fashion week approximately 1/3 of all the nail designs were negative space nails. The 2 other main looks were gradients and various types of french manicure. That means negative space nails will be a huge trend in 2015! No wonder, this. type of chic geometric nail design adds an interesting twist to any beauty look.

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White 2015 nail designs

5. White acrylic nail designs 2015.

Many of the looks presented on the fashion week runway shows have been minimal, from the makeup to the clothing. The. fall 2015 nails are expected to follow suit. While many are monochromatic and uninspiring, others have turned to more interesting lines and designs, using simple but contrasting colors, such as the. nude and white with a black line found at david koma. House of holland takes the nude and black colors and turns them into. an interesting striped nail art look that is entirely too compelling.

Messy touches at times also resembling watercolor patterns represent the next nail trend. for the season. The examples include some really creative and unpredictably cool options, including the partial coloring by rodarte, the half gray nails from prabal gurung, as well as the resourceful solutions by tracy reese and jay godfrey.

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