Using tape nail designs

2. Summer stripes by ink + adventures. A pleasant combination of orange, hot pink and purple, perfect for transitioning to fall.

Using tape nail designs

1. Nail polish designs with tape.

If you are looking for simple. and catchy nail designs that can be made easily at home, using a scotch tape is a very good option. All. you need are few nail polish colors and colorful strips of scotch tapes that are easily available in the market. To make it even simpler, you can buy. normal white scotch tape and paint it in shades of your choice.

Using tape nail designs

2. Nail art designs using tape.

Striping tape can provide a pop and a shine to any manicure.. The tape comes in a variety of colors and finishes, and it can help you create nail art that is guaranteed to get noticed. Whether you’re interested in making basic stripes or a more elaborate design, striping tape is easy to use to create a one-of-a-kind manicure.

Using tape nail designs

3. Cute nail designs using tape.

First of all., get for yourself scotch tape and a pair of scissors. Cut the scotch tape with scissors to create a lace-like edge. Now use a dotting. tool to make dots on and around the curved areas of the lace. So easy it is. You just need to get started and very soon you will be master in doing nails with scotch tape.

Using tape nail designs

4. Easy nail art designs using scotch tape.

Begin by using a base coat on all. nails, this will help prevent your nail polishes from leaving any sort of stain on your nails. I used seche vite’s clear base. coat.

Using tape nail designs

5. 12 amazing diy nail art designs using scotch tape.

Nail expert and custom nail solutions president katie saxton has the inside intel on tape strip manis. According to katie, the secret to using tape in nail art is to start off with two different-colored. polishes and scotch tape: “in my experience, scotch tape is the easiest to use. Paint your nails with a coat of colored polish and wait for it to dry completely before placing the tape on it. You must wait for the coat of nail polish. to dry or else it will be pulled off when you take the tape off.”

Using tape nail designs

6. Nail designs using tape.

Carefully. apply the washi tape to your nail. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles with a fingernail, making sure the tape is completely adhered to your nail.

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