Summer polish nail designs

Summer gel nails are pretty. as well as stylish. They can match many a outfits, especial the summer looks. The nail art can bring your summer look a fresh and pretty vibe. They. won’t be missed for summer, but become the must-glam nail art for every girl.

Summer polish nail designs

1. Summer nail polish designs.

This time. of the year is all about fun so our collection features nails in vibrant, neon shades paired with some interesting prints and patterns.

This gorgeous manicure will surely. find its place on our “to-do” list this summer. Nail polishes used to create. this look are: color club ‘modern pink’, floss gloss ‘pony’ and ‘biscuits’, and live love polish ‘stun’.

Yes, you can rock heart nail design even. if it’s summer time and valentine’s day was long time ago. This design would look great in some other colors as well. Negative space makes the heart design. even. more compelling.

The summer is such a fun season to play with colors. The ocean, the beach, all the exotic cocktails, and. fruits are a major inspiration that we can easily transfer in our style. When it comes to nails it’s safe to say that almost anything that you can imagine can be translated into nail art and still be wearable. Opposite of the summer. makeup trends that sometimes are too dramatic and unconventional for the everyday life, the nail. art allows you to get more creative with the wearable designs.

Summer polish nail designs

2. Gel nail polish designs summer..

Choosing spring or summer nail polish from saturated tones is really difficult to refuse. In choosing bright colors, it’s worth considering that now metallic. color is trendy. Golden, silver or bronze will look relevant.

Summer polish nail designs

3. Nail polish designs summer.

Sunny yellow: yellow is the “new black” of this season. This. color can be chosen boldly, and if you don’t bother with complex patterns, a single-colored bright “sun” polish will be enough for. a trendy nail art.

You are going to create summer nail designs by mixing different polishes in water and then transferring this design onto your nails.

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