Summer 2013 nail designs

Summer 2013 nail designs

1. Nail art designs for summer 2013.

Use your creativity to envision a unique model for your acrylic or short nails, in order to turn yourself into a real trendsetter. Embrace these. designs for a high fashion look that radiates an advanced nail painting talent. Fuse the various shades into a modern manicure that will banish the monotony that could ruin your look.

Summer 2013 nail designs

2. Summer toe nail designs 2013.

Use your creativity and. achieve the original look today. We offer you a few interesting ideas for inspiration, and you can do them just in few minutes and without much effort.
Enjoy fashionistas and shine bright like a diamond.

Summer 2013 nail designs

3. Popular nail designs summer 2013.

We are here again another beautiful friday with more great acrylic nail designs. This. week we will of course see. more color as we get closer to summer. A lot of the designs featured will be in coffin shaped nails, but of course you will see other shapes such as stiletto, ballerina nails and more. I’m excited to see the colors transform from the dull lifeless form of winter season hues to the colorful vibrance and often times easy nail designs of spring and summer.

Nail designs are continually changing, but one thing that doesn’t change. is the effect a good manicure can have on an amazing outfit.

“my personal favorite trend. at this moment is ombre. It looks professionally done if you have the patience for it, and all you’ll need are two different shades of polish. I always recommend using a top coat and a base coat, and find that having a makeup sponge handy can help to clean up any mess and tighten up the edges of the colors,” says creative director of pretty woman USA, aija vilemsonne. Execute this trend at home with this ombre nail tutorial courtesy of vilemsonne and www..PrettyWomanUSA.Com.

The spring runway inspired nail art design tutorial I did over on the other blog 2 weeks ago for sally hansen is still getting crazy hits so I’m guessing that one I nailed. (get, it, I nailed it!). Man., I really love those tools and pens they have come out with too! It made detailing those flowers so damn. easy! Go check that one out and head back over to grab the rest of these I put together!

Looking for some fresh summer nail art designs/ideas for summer 2013? Well you are at right place. Take a look at the following summer 2013 nail art trends and get nail art savvy.

Summer 2013 nail designs

4. Nail design for summer 2013.

I tried your nail art and I am satisfied even if I have no so attractive nails as you;) thank you. for your creativity and to share .

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