Spring 2017 nail designs

Matching your. nails with your things can be a fun thing. Celebrity nail artist chelsea king took inspiration from her iphone case to create such a pretty design.! Coincidentally, it’s also perfect for the upcoming season.

Spring 2017 nail designs

1. Spring nail designs 2017.

Floral mani is one of the lovely nail arts to welcome spring. In fact, you can have various ways to get a floral nail. art. You still don’t know how? Here are designs in today’s post. Have no hesitation to check them out.

Spring 2017 nail designs

2. Nail. designs 2017 spring.

Well, it is simple yet looks glam. Coat your fingernails with a light shade say pink and paint the tips with gold glitter. This look is simply awesome and definitely, it will bring you the compliments..

Different color combinations make this trend quirky and fresh. I particularly like this version from an instagrammer in nude and dark. green with a slightly scalloped inner edge. The rebecca minkoff show featured this trend using a bold red and white, alternating on each. finger which color was on top and which color was on bottom. Here is another super-fun variation, with your basic white tip brightened up by multicolor polka dots.

Spring 2017 nail designs

3. Spring. nail art designs 2017.

Nothing says summer like watermelon and with this design., you can get it on your hands too. The trick is to paint your nails red and green which would resemble the colors of the summer. fruit. You can also fancy the art by adding more elements like black dots representing seeds. This would be something unique as well as eye-catching. and give the perfect summer feel.

Spring 2017 nail designs

4. Spring gel nail designs 2017.

Women’s nail should look neat and chic continuously and acrylic nails. are perfect for ladies who care about their nails all the time.. Whether you have super short nails or you don’t like your nail shape you can have acrylic nails. Nail art can be applied much more gorgeous on long acrylic nails. Pastel colors are. perfect for springtime, floral nail art, and bright natural colors would be also perfect choice too.

Spring 2017 nail designs

5. Nail gel designs spring 2017.

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