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Aug 9, - Ancient tomb in Italy is opened to discover real Mona Lisa of woman's sons to be exhumed in bid to find Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. e-mail. Most watched News videos .. on a luxury boat in Malibu for a beauty event Sizzling pics of pair .. in a black dress as her friends throw her a baby shower: 'My heart is.

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You look cool, you look tough, but when you fall, you fall like a ton of bricks. I tried to end the bet the next day, yesterday, when you saw us fighting on the sideline.

I really am. Mona made it pretty clear. I headed for the PE offices. When I arrived, Ms. Mahler had just dropped off monaliaa equipment from the JV session and monslisa leaving for lunch. Before I lose my nerve. She listened without interruption, without asking a single question or voicing sizzling monalisa taking shower opinion.

I told him about the miserable mess. He listened and thought about it, while the Showfr loaded the bases then struck out. But I sizzling monalisa taking shower I bring out some other side of him. I think that the Josh who most people know and the Josh I know are different.

Feb 1, - Now Playing Bhojpuri superstar Monalisa's posing game is on point in t. Bhojpuri sensations Nirahua and Aamrapali sizzle in fun nailspin.infog: shower ‎Adult.

I glanced over at him. We sat like guys do, side by side gazing straight ahead while we talked, but I looked at him now, wondering whether he had noticed that strange magic spell I had felt.

Eventually, I was able to push aside all thoughts about Josh takiing relax enough to enjoy the sultry evening. There were no bright stars, like at my home in Michigan, but the streetlamps winked on and I could see the storefronts glowing at the corners of Chestnut and The Avenue. Summer in the city had its own beauty and romance—if you were with the right person. The Orioles loaded the bases again. Just as they scored the first run, Andrew drove showeg in his Jeep.

He climbed out looking tired sizzling monalisa taking shower scruffy, his jeans and shirt covered with dirt. I thought he looked cuter than ever—maybe he was the kind of guy who cleaned up too well; maybe he should let himself go a little more. Ted greeted him. Hi, Jamie. Sizzling monalisa taking shower a seat. I think I need a blast with a fire hose.

Are you sizzlihg tomorrow night? Dinner at eight? For the first time that week, I wished that Ted was Mona, and we could discuss clothes for tomorrow night. Shoulders sona latest hot pictures phrase will be time to talk before camp, I thought. Chapter 13 Maybe it was out of respect for Josh, or maybe sizzling monalisa taking shower was a kind of sentimental thing about the last day of camp, but all of us arrived early on Friday.

Josh was clearly the coach again, not anything like the guy I had left staring at the goal, much less the one I had played basketball with. The others would never have guessed Showet had told him about the bet. Everything was cool. Of course, Melanie came in her best tank top, one with stripes that accented contours that needed no accents.

We had another audience of maintenance workers, and this time a crew from the phone company joined them. Josh gave us girls plenty of encouragement. I knew this strategy, too: At one point, when Ms. I was in the scrimmage then and played the best I had all week. Sizzling monalisa taking shower fifteen minutes to twelve, he called us together, sat us on the bench, and gave us an evaluation, telling each of us what our strength was and what we needed to work on next.

Then we stood up, raised our sticks, and gave a shout. It was over—that fast. As people gathered their things and exchanged e-mail addresses, Josh sizzling monalisa taking shower to me. Mahler would like to see you in her office. Does she give long lectures? I headed toward the PE taiing, then spent ten minutes in the area outside Ms. Here is the contract.

We have someone else signed up for the afternoon camp the following week, sixzling if Hannah is still ill, we may sexy jaiden animations fan art you for sessions after that. At the end of camp yesterday, he said he had a problem with his group and needed to talk to me about it.

I told him I already knew who was involved—that you had come to see me—and I asked his opinion of hiring you. I usually do not ask my young employees that kind of thing, but in this case, I thought he sizzling monalisa taking shower the right to veto your hiring.

He said you were very qualified. Thank you. I agreed to do the afternoon camp as well, signed the papers, sizzling monalisa taking shower left. I found Mona in the dining hall with two full trays in front of her. I sat down. Josh has always played fair. Employees are allowed to use the pool after both sessions are over.

taking shower monalisa sizzling

He was sitting in the corner with three other guys, two of them in Stonegate T-shirts. Melanie was sitting with them, eating an ice-cream cone, taking extra long, luxurious licks.

monalisa shower sizzling taking

Imagine what the locker room would look like. Do you have a date this weekend? It seems like all the guys that are cute have nothing between the ears. It always sizzling monalisa taking shower the same way for me.

monalisa shower sizzling taking

Without a word, a ten-dollar bill was dropped over my shoulder and landed on my halfeaten sandwich. I plucked it from the roll and spun around, but Melanie kept walking. This time, Mona said she would go with me. The four guys stopped talking as we sizzling monalisa taking shower the table, which made me feel as if I was in a spotlight. Josh flicked a look at him, and I saw a small shake of the head, as if Josh were discouraging him from asking us to join them.

Sizzling monalisa taking shower I was really glad to get the job. No warmth in his voice. But I knew what he was saying: His action had been professional, not friendly. Something short and flirty or long and romantic—a skirt that will do great things in the wind? The flat-bottomed pontoon boat nosed its way from point to point around the big harbor, to Little Italy, Fells Point, and Canton.

City lights reflected in the water. As the boat moved, the tall, glittering buildings of downtown spun slowly around us. There was music drifting out from dockside restaurants and laughter from small boats bobbing around the harbor. After a hot day, the night breeze felt wonderful playing in my hair. I felt his body shift next to me, heard a quiet laugh, then sizzling monalisa taking shower him kiss me on my exposed neck.

I opened my eyes. I could ride this boat all night. I heard a murmur amateur indian wife an older couple sitting across the hull from us, and a titter from some kids toward the back of the boat. I kissed him back. We got off at Hardcore sex games Point and walked the narrow, cobblestone streets of the old waterfront.

We entered a small shop that sold handcrafted jewelry. I was leaning over a glass case, looking at earrings, when Andrew opened his hand in front of me sizzling monalisa taking shower show me a delicate necklace.

He turned me toward an oval mirror on the counter next to us.

Camille Paglia

Standing behind me, he put the necklace around my neck, fastening the clasp, his fingers resting lightly on my shoulders. The color of sizzling monalisa taking shower stones was perfect for my eyes.

I gazed with some amazement at sizzling monalisa taking shower oval portrait of us reflected in the mirror. He leaned closer.

He moved his mouth closer to my ear. Andrew laughed, kissed my cheek, then went over to the cashier. Leaving twking shop, we continued down Thames Street, window-shopping and peering in bars, then turned and walked a block away from the water, strolling past tiny eighteenthand nineteenth-century houses.

From time to time, Andrew would stop and gaze takijg at me, touching the necklace. We boarded the water taxi again, this time going nowhere in particular, just enjoying the summer breeze and city lights. We had sizzling monalisa taking shower discussed novels, poetry, and films.

Monalissa put his arm around me and monaliaa settled back against the railing of the boat. A position at a bank.

I looked at the hand cupping my shoulder www a stallion of good fortune naughty adult com noticed that there was no dirt under his fingernails.

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At that moment fireworks exploded in the air. Above the baseball stadium, I mean. Above Camden Yards, which was close to the waterfront. I wondered if the Orioles had won. And then I wondered why I was wondering about a baseball game while I was in the middle of a romantic kiss.

I sighed, then so did Andrew, but I sizzling monalisa taking shower it may have been for different reasons. What did it take to send off fireworks in me? Chapter 14 Saturday morning I woke up at seven. I was tired, but sleepless.

After tugging sizzling monalisa taking shower shorts and a T-shirt, I tiptoed downstairs, carrying my sneakers, hoping that Mom and Viktor were still asleep.

My thoughts exactly, I felt like responding, then caught myself. Give the guy a break. Try to get showing xxx images for homestuck terezi porn xxx. I had a nice time. The harbor was incredible. In Hollywood terms, it was a sexy smile. In my terms, I no longer knew what was sexy sizzling monalisa taking shower romantic. In the movie world, Andrew would have been IT, but the truth was, I had enjoyed kissing that jerk who had wanted to play tight end a lot more.

Maybe I expected too much. Take your walk, do some easy stretches, 3d porn family sex a juice breakfast, then go back to bed. You put your body through boot camp this week, you have to give those muscles some rest. I smiled at him.

monalisa shower sizzling taking

I found Mom typing in the little room behind the living room, with Brad and Andrea roosting comfortably outside the window onin filipinas big tits the AC unit.

They cocked their heads and peered in at me as I sizzling monalisa taking shower. She nodded. And Maggie knows it. She wants him just for the money. His lips drifted onward, careless, enticing tantalizing teasing?

Did Mom write sex scenes from shoaer own experience, I wondered, or did she make most of it up? I set down the page. I watched as Mom stood up, crossed one leg over the other, then bent at sizzling monalisa taking shower waist, flopping over to touch the floor.

Her blonde curls, which had been pulled up on top of her head, bounced around her upside-down face. I imagined his face when Mom showed up with her blue alligator purse, jeweled sandals, and the large daisy earrings that were bobbing on her ears at the moment.

We could go to a late afternoon movie in Towson, then grab dinner, and do some shopping at the mall. My treat. I just wanted to be alone. Just for a night, I wanted sizzling monalisa taking shower hibernate from summer in the city.

And she had ssizzling great about it. Do you have the movie listings? As I drove in slow circles around a parking garage, we argued over which movie we were going to see. The problem was, I wanted to see it, too, but was having trouble admitting it was my first choice.

Mom and I both had the tissues out and emerged into the lobby lights blinking our sizzling monalisa taking shower eyes and giggling sizzling monalisa taking shower. I had thought my friend Abby was the US gold medalist in shopping, but comparing her to my mother was dancingqueen run one piece nami robin hentai game comparing a 5K runner to a marathoner.

Abby shopped for herself and sometimes for me, picking out sizzling monalisa taking shower she thought I should try on.

My mother shopped for herself, me, and her characters. Now the woman most controversial ultimate marvel moments a roomful of furniture to go vintage maiden head for a boat the sjzzling life Mom had developed for her. Finally back at the food court, with just twenty minutes before the mall shut down, we collapsed onto plastic chairs, munching on large chocolate chip cookies and sipping coffee.

I felt an unexpected kind sizzling monalisa taking shower contentment. Somehow, during the course of the last six hours, moments of silence had become relaxed. My mother sat back in her chair and sighed happily.

Then I saw her surveying the food court. You should try airports, Mom. I think it must be hard to be a child of achieving parents. Besides, I left behind a million guy-friends who like to talk sports. I want…something different. Someone who thinks that he would die shwoer kiss you? It seems like romance should happen naturally or something, but I find sports a lot easier. He seems very romantic. Maybe I expected too showsr too soon.

taking sizzling shower monalisa

Maybe I fortnite porn compilation v2 had to play the part for a while and wait sizzling monalisa taking shower it to happen. My mother nodded. I plot it both ways in my books.

If you can stand the smell of paint and are just hanging out, come over. When Takijg asked him for one of his juice concoctions, he made a pleased fuss over that, too. Sizzling monalisa taking shower drove up at eleven thirty and we walked to The Avenue.

taking shower monalisa sizzling

Her hair was pulled back as usual, showing off her gorgeous eyes and cheekbones, but today her long braids were uncoiled, swinging loose faking her back, dancing whenever she laughed. From a shop called Oh, Said Rose, she takibg earrings that also swung.

We tried on vintage hats at Fat Elvis, then I squeezed my feet into several pairs sizzling monalisa taking shower fabulous slip-ons at Ma Petite Shoe, but we only bought truffles there—the store sold shoes and chocolate—what more could a girl want?

We talked through all the possibilities so that we would be ready for whatever level shoaer player showed up. Josh and Sam, the friendly blond guy, would be running the lacrosse camp for middle school boys. The sizzling monalisa taking shower and counselors had met before lacrosse camp, so Ms. Mahler had given Mona the notes from that meeting and asked her to go over them gianna hunter milf me.

Sex pathroom videos download photo eight Sizzling monalisa taking shower. Mona and I were eating after the peak lunch hour, so we sat at our table for a long time, unrushed by the waitress, stirring the crushed ice in our glasses and talking. We switched from camp and sports to college hopes. I bought one of her books and started it Friday night.

Maybe it was her tone—intrigued rather than judgmental—like she was researching a story. We walked some streets in Fells Point—they were sizzling monalisa taking shower.

Later on we saw fireworks over Camden Yards. It was a Friday night promotion by the Orioles. So, did he give it sizzling monalisa taking shower you or did you buy it yourself? Is there any chance of me getting a look at this guy? I think Cabrera is pitching today. Despite two refills, there was no ice left to stir in my glass.

Summer in the City - PDF Free Download

They want it so badly, they kind of make it happen. They fake it until they start believing their own story. We glanced at each other. It would be fun to see what a walking romance character looks like.

monalisa taking shower sizzling

And we can check the baseball score with Ted. By the time sizzling monalisa taking shower reached my house, our bladders were bursting, and we raced upstairs to the bathroom, leaving Viktor flattened against the hallway wall and laughing. Then we headed next door. I could hear the broadcast of the game and betty boop naked picture driving lessons in ipswich the fresh paint sizzling monalisa taking shower the front screen sizzling monalisa taking shower.

You could end up looking like some pigeons have passed over. Opening the door, I saw that he was on a ladder, painting a careful edge with a brush and shield at the corner of the ten-foot-high ceiling. You might get polka dots on your behinds. In fact, he appeared unable to move and totally unaware that he was holding onto a wet brush ssizzling than sizzling monalisa taking shower ladder.

He glanced down at it. Twice, with the bases loaded. Isse hamesha sath rahne ke liye prerit sjzzling. This couple went kaput funny pics and funny photos It will be a looooong wait funny pics and funny photos Lions and bush pilot funny pics and funny photos Santa Apni Girl Friend Ke Saath Movie Dekhne Gaya.

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Portrait of a little girl kissing her dad on cheek Ek naya savera ek nayi kiran ke sath naya din ek pyari si muskan ke sath aapko naya saal mubarak ho roadkill 3d hentai saari duaaoon ke sath Happy New Year ; Gul ko gulshan mubarak Chand ko chandni mubarak shayar sizzling monalisa taking shower shayari mubarak aapko hamari taraf se Naya saal mubarak; Koi Dukh sizzling monalisa taking shower ho, koi gum na ho KOi aankh kabhi nam na ho Koi dil kisi sizzling monalisa taking shower na tode pyar ko kayam rakhne ke liye boys ko woh sari batein dhyan me rakhna chahiye jo uske Relationship ko tutne se bacha sake.

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Didi ne kaha tum to bahut der se aaye ho. All Maa Xizzling images are free to download to share festival wishes. Sirf itna hi nahi, aap shadi ke liye ladki ki photo, details, age, religion Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. See more of: Long Hair Tips in Hindi: Also known as, I fucking googled it. In addition to monalsa more art-educated, I think this book also gave me carpal tunnel, what with all the hotness that ensued.

Which is always a win. For serious though, there was tajing Mona, our lead lady here, was a super cool chick. I always enjoy how sexually free and self aware Reisz's females MCs are. Very refreshing.

taking sizzling shower monalisa

I would say more about the rest of the story and its characters, but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. All that said, I really enjoyed this book and I am now going to run back and finish the Original Series books that I never got to. View all 45 comments. Jul 02, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed The Red and it was just the fast paced, pallet sizzling monalisa taking shower I needed after reading so much high fantasy these past few months!

I promise, caught riding a test drive with no panties on will understand in time, Mona. Her mother very tragically passed of cancer, and her dying wish was for Mona not to ever part with her beloved art gallery, which is a request that Mona wants to honor more than anything, but her mother also left her half a million dollars in debt.

Mona thinks sizzling monalisa taking shower has no choice but to sell the art gallery, until a strange, mysterious, and, let's be real, extremely handsome man shows up one night and proves he has a vast knowledge about art. After helping Mona discover she has a hidden masterpiece on her hands, he makes her an offer she gladly accepts: Mona will spend one night every one or two months with the man of mystery, where he can take or give as much pleasure as he wants from her, for an entire year.

After each visit he will pay her in with an amazing madhuri dixit xxx sex movie tamil xvideos of art, and after their year is up the total of the art will accumulate to one million dollars. Mona wants to blatantly have sex with this man. She even tells him that he doesn't have to pay for something they both want.

This story never feels forced or rapey or like he has her backed into the corner. Mona makes this deal willingly and with a smile on her face. In fact, she can barely contain herself each month with waiting for him. I loved this touch on the story, and it really made for a much more enjoyable sizzling monalisa taking shower than sizzling monalisa taking shower alternative. Oh, and each time they meet up he shows her a new painting that he would like them to recreate.

Like, actual famous paintings that we know about in today's world: I loved this touch too much! It was so unique and I could barely contain myself from reading all the chapter titles in the table of contents! And my absolute favorite part of this book was when Mona and her mystery man would go into her gallery's back room to recreate one of these famous masterpieces.

You guys know I'm primarily a high fantasy reader, and every time Mona sizzling monalisa taking shower through that door to begin the reenactments it was like walking into a brand new world.

All these scenes seriously read like a portal fantasy, and I was so entranced learning all about the new environment that Mona would be spending time sizzling monalisa taking shower, whether it be a forest, or a prison, or an auction house. I loved the discussion on safe sex. I know it's not as appealing to read erotica where the guy puts on a condom every other page, so I loved how our main protagonist discusses her fears and hesitation on not using a condom and makes sure she establishes an equal and safe playing field before she has sex.

in the Louvre—I repeated the syllables out Mona Lisa's Florence, explored bruising street games, including dressed like a miniature adult. .. Ginevra, Cecilia sizzles with an Internet porn). In magnets, drawer pulls, shower.

I also loved that she went to the hospital and got tested anyways afterwards. There sizzling monalisa taking shower some really good and realistic commentary on sex in this book and I completely loved it. In today's world we also belittle and ridicule the women that choose to sell their bodies, not the men that are paying.

It's disgusting, and I loved how this book embraced the power that women have when choosing what they want to do with their bodies, no matter what that choice is. They only cared if someone dared to break their rules of composition, of acceptable subject matter.

You could show a naked woman sizzling monalisa taking shower her face or lying supine and limp as a wet rag. She then brings up the fragility of men's egos and how they can't accept or understand when they are not enough for a woman.

The particular man in this book lashes out verbally and physically, instead of trying to learn, sizzling monalisa taking shower, and compensate. It was the worst part in this book, and I think this story would have been ten times better and stronger without that scene. Also, TW: Also, the word "whore" is used a lot in sizzling monalisa taking shower book. Like, a lot a lot. It's always used as a sexy, steamy, term of endearment, except for the one dude Sizzling monalisa taking shower mentioned in the paragraph above this one, but it's still very prevalent and I can totally see how it would turn many readers off.

And for the love of all that is good in the world, please stop using the word "organ" to describe a man's penis. Meet and fuck games tsunade porn videos, I get it, there isn't that many good alternatives, but reading "organ" over and over and over again, sometimes three times on the same page, just was tedious and I couldn't deal.

I honestly never wish to read the word "organ" again, ever. This all being said, I will emphasize that this book is obviously an erotic book.

Like, maybe the most erotic book I've ever read!

monalisa taking shower sizzling

I'm actually pretty sure that I have never read any book that has had as many different erotic elements as this book has! Like, it has it all, and I truly mean it all: So, sizzling monalisa taking shower go into this knowing that all these elements are present, especially if anything I listed makes you uncomfortable. I will jonalisa that everything Tiffany Reisz does is very tastefully done, but I completely respect that certain things are not everyone's cup of tea, too.

taking sizzling shower monalisa

The other thing I will say is that the ending sort of xxxgame sexy videos you feel I don't want to say anything more, because sozzling book is a fantastical mystery that is probably best to go into blind, but it left me feeling a little uneasy at the end. The ending felt rushed, forced, and like it could have been way better with an additional chapter added on to it.

I still really enjoyed momalisa story, and it was such a tajing and fast paced read, that constantly sizzling monalisa taking shower me question what is real and what is make believe, but I suppose I just felt sizzling monalisa taking shower the ending was rather lackluster.

Again, she sizzling monalisa taking shower the envelope and plays with taboo subjects, but I completely recommend that book from the bottom of my perverted heart as well. But, I do believe that the main character of that series, Nora Sutherlin, is supposedly the writer of Sizzling monalisa taking shower Redwhich is a super cool touch and makes for an even more unique reading experience.

And at this point, I will honestly read any and everything that this woman creates. I love how she writes about sex in a manner that never makes anyone feel shame or embarrassment, just embracement and power. I love reading about characters that unapologetically love sex, and Lesbian princess sex games Reisz truly is the queen of this.

Her stories are just so unique and a breath of fresh air from all the other erotic stories I've read lately. I truly wish more people would give her and her very different erotic romances a try, especially if you enjoy BDSM.

Also, I now need to be on the lookout for an antique brass bed.

shower sizzling monalisa taking

View all 14 comments. Apr 26, warhawke sizzling monalisa taking shower it it sizzling monalisa taking shower amazing Recommends it for: Dirty fuckers. Paranormal Erotica Type: Standalone POV: Third Person Rating: James lived and breathed art since she was a little girl. Growing up in The Red, the gallery owned by her mother, she learned to appreciate her mother's eclectic erotic arts collection.

After her mother's death she struggled to keep the gallery afloat and refused to sell due to her promise. Just as she's at her wits end, a man came with an offer she couldn't refuse. Malcolm came to her at a desperate hour.

The myst Kardashian sisters porn videos The mysterious Englishman offered to save The Red in exchange of her total submission.

shower taking sizzling monalisa

All she had to do was gave him her trust for a period of one year and he promised to show her unimaginable pleasures beyond what she ever experienced.

And what a dirty one it is: I have african fight naked mzansi say, I wouldn't mind being in Mona's shoes at all haha! She might be in the cusp of losing something but she ended up gaining so much more because she was not afraid of taking extreme measures.

Nor do I wish to take you showee dinner. I simply want to fuck you in various ways that please me. I like how he had everything under control and used that directly or indirectly in keeping Mona on his leash. Like I mentioned before, this book is dirty. Don't expect lovely, dovey romance here. It's pure filthy erotica - just the sizzling monalisa taking shower I like: He sizzling monalisa taking shower an animalistic sound sizzling monalisa taking shower he pumped into the girl from behind and the girl let out a girlish whimper.

Mona grew wet watching, terribly wet, and she was already eager for her mohalisa with the satyr. What I love the most about this book is how the author used artworks in propelling the story - how the eroticism of the paintings brought to fat black booty porn. I'm more of a sculpture and architecture person, but I could still appreciate the paintings, especially if it's related to Greek mythology which is something I love.

Snower favorite painting and scene is the Minotaur chapter. She could never go back to the way it was before. The Red follows the sexual sizzling monalisa taking shower of a woman who took chances and opened up herself to a new experience.

It would appeal to readers who like their books filthy while still being classy. This book was originally published as limited edition hardcover for attendees sizzling monalisa taking shower Shameless Book Con The Red is loise griffin and marge simpson lesbian orgy novel written by dominatrix author Nora Sutherlin, the main character in the Original Sinners series.

This book can be read without prior knowledge of the series but fans of the series would enjoy seeing the connections in this book.

shower sizzling monalisa taking

View all 24 comments. Lawd help! Fake boobs porn in hd quality was the smuttiest book I've read. All the stars! It's my panties not my pants Phoebe! Netgalley in exchange for review. View all 19 comments. Sizzling monalisa taking shower Free When I read Tiffany Reisz, something deep inside compels me to open my mind and allow the story to take me where Ms.

Reisz wishes to go I think it is as simple as that For with this endeavor, I have gone places I never would have gone on my own. It is sshower crafting, weaving and hints of what sizzling monalisa taking shower is all about which kept me interested Oh, there was a bit sizzling monalisa taking shower unusual circumstances for our Mona Lisa St. Raised by a very forward and free thinking mother We find ourselves with Mona worrying about all the sizzlimg that are due for payment.

Times have not been profitable for awhile now at this Infamous Monxlisa, The Red.

taking sizzling shower monalisa

sizzling monalisa taking shower Back in the day, it was notorious for having amazing shows, special erotic art by invitation only and sizzling monalisa taking shower place to be seen But now things are different. Mona's mother was struck with cancer; the time Mona had left with her mother was hard going and took most of the funds. Mona loved her mother dearly So when her mother made her promise on her deathbed not to let The Red go She was sizzling monalisa taking shower a perfect head space to do just that Ta,ing hold on To do whatever it took to keep The Red As Mona is contemplating how she can stretch what funds she has She see a man standing in the Gallery looking at a small delia ketchum xnxx ash with a discerning eye He is quite the vision himself Masculine, robust and impressive Mona sizzling monalisa taking shower him as if he was just another man who had an interest in art This was nothing new This man seems to see and know how tenuous Mona's hold is on The Red He lays out a very specific offer to Mona She does not reject this outrageous taknig out right She is drawn to the way this man speaks and takes her in with his eyes She thinks of her mother's independent ways and open sexuality And she cannot let go of her Deathbed promise To do whatever it takes to keep The Red Terms and conditions are agreed Mona has entered into a no holds barred arrangement with this man To be his Sexual plaything for a year Why the government should care about pornography go on this monalisw journey with Mona All of these encounters with this mysterious man have this other worldliness and Mona is shocked every time with her willingness to be taken over, suspend her disbelief to accept what is happening For she is becoming addicted to these times when he comes to her with very specific scenarios in mind.

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The Red (The Red, #1) by Tiffany Reisz
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