Royal blue nail designs

There are many current trends of blue nail art designs to choose from. These designs allow you to look cool and casual. Try a combination of two or three shades. of blue in simple stripes or floral. nail art to have an entirely new version of nail designs.

Royal blue nail designs

1. Cute blue and silver nail designs.

Blue leopard print: creating leopard print effect on the blue painted nails is yet another look that will make your nails look special.

Royal blue nail designs

2. Royal blue nail designs.

Blue velvet: paint the nails blue. simply and give it a velvet finish for the. extra special look

Royal blue nail designs

3. Royal blue and black nail designs.

The next two are for spunky, independent women who want to use royal blue nail designs to unleash their. wild side!

Royal blue nail designs

4. Royal blue toe nail designs.

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Royal blue nail designs

5. Nail designs with royal blue.

For those of you who don’t want anything too flashy or glittery, this simple nail art in blue will be perfect. Are you ‘hearting’ this blue nail design?

Royal blue nail designs

6. Royal blue acrylic nail designs..

What we just love about the royal blue color is that it is bold, it’s awesome, and above all it can be combined with various other shades. to get even more expressive. Instead of restricting yourself to the conventional blue colored nail paints available over the shelves, you can get really experimental and create something unique for. yourself by playing with your instincts. All you need is to refine your fashion game as you blend. different textures and colors to create something truly great.

Royal blue nail designs

7. Royal blue and gold nail designs.

If you wish to know. how perfection looks like, then you should better pay attention to royal blue and silver nails. Blue and silver nail designs are the combination of colors which complement each other well.. What is more, there is always room for experimentation. Covering your navy blue nails matte and adding a sparkly silver accent is what every lady needs at last once in a lifetime!

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